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How do we contact you? :
We can be contacted at eatingdonuts@hotmail.com
Regardless of enquiries or orders, just email us.

What are the mode of payments?
We accept DBS/POSB ATM & IBANK transfer, PAYPAL (Will be available soon!).


Where are your products from? :
Mostly from the South Korea, Thailand and many more.

How can I work out my size, especially shoe size?
You can refer to the sizing chart that we'll provide. There will be more information that we try to provide.

In case you're still unsure, do not hesitate to email us!

How often is the website updated? :
The website is updated every week. We will try our best!

How do I get informed of the latest products on ED? :
Simple, all you have to do, is join our mailing list! Do remember to add our email (eatingdonuts@hotmail.com) into your safe list just in case your mail goes into your junk folders!

What should I do if I have more questions regarding a product? :
Just drop us a mail, and we'll do our best to help you.

For more info about delivery charges and all, take a look at the Terms and Conditions.